The Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society is an organization formed to bring together the aquarist community in Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark region. Our members range from new hobbyists to long time breeders, and we keep a large variety of fishes.

Come to a meeting! Learn about fish and make friends with fellow hobbyists.

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  • Featured Fish
  • Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)

    Silver Angelfish

    Vital Statistics




    Origin: South America, Amazon river basin

    Size: 3 inches standard length, 6 inches total length

    Temperament: peaceful, but pairs can be aggressive, especially toward own species

    Sociability: juveniles shoal; adults as pairs

    Breeding: egglayer

    Sexing: males grow larger

    Diet: carnivorous; accepts flakes

    Water Chemistry: pH 6.0–7.4; dH 5–13

    Temperature: 75–86°F


    Above: silver angelfish, adult

    The angelfish’s graceful design makes it one of the most popular of aquarium fishes. Wild coloration is silver with black bars, shown, but many tank-raised strains have been developed, including gold, platinum, marble, black, and others. Long-finned versions sell as veil angels. Blushing angelfish have transparent gill covers. Pearlscale varieties have scales that reflect like tinfoil.

    Angelfish spawn readily in the aquarium. Most hobbyists start with a group and separate pairs as they form. The fish deposit eggs on vertical surfaces, such as Amazon swordplant leaves, rocks, or even filter tubes. In the community, the eggs or fry usually end up being eaten by tankmates, but are easy to rear in separate aquariums. It is important the young angels are given a day/night light cycle, or their stripes will not develop!

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2015 Program Schedule

MAR 14th
“Freshwater Shrimp”
Sarah Hale

APR 11th
“Fishes of the Maya”
Rusty Wessel (KY)

MAY 9th
NWAAS 2015
Spring Auction

JUN 13th
“Mini Talks & DIY”
Multiple Speakers

JUL 11th
Club Picnic
Location TBA

AUG 8th

SEP 12th
Livebearers - No longer Child's Play
Greg Page (CO)

OCT 10th
Lake Victoria Cichlids
Greg Steeves (TX)

NOV 14th
Election of 2016 Officers
DEC 12th
Christmas Party

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