The Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society is an organization formed to bring together the aquarist community in Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark region. Our members range from new hobbyists to long time breeders, and we keep a large variety of fishes.

Come to a meeting! Learn about fish and make friends with fellow hobbyists.

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NWAAS Elections at Next Meeting

Place your nominations now for officers and committee chairs. You can also volunteer to run for office and nominate yourself. Elections will take place at the November meeting (Nov. 12th, 2016). Go HERE to nominate.



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  • Featured Critter
  • Marbled Crayfish (Procambarus spp.)

    Marbled Crayfish

    Vital Statistics




    Origin: unknown, probably southern United States

    Size: 4.5 inches total length

    Temperament: relatively peaceful, but may catch small fishes

    Sociability: keep singly or in groups

    Breeding: parthenogenic; i.e. self-cloning

    Sexing: all females; no males

    Diet: primarily herbivorous omnivore

    Water Chemistry: pH 6.0–8.0; dH 5–19

    Temperature: 72–78°F


    The marbled crayfish was first discovered in aquariums in Germany. You may also see this animal sold as marmorkrebs, which is the German word for “marbled crab.” The species is unknown, but DNA testing suggests that it is most likely a form of Procambarus alleni, the Florida crayfish commonly sold in stores. A blue version of P. alleni is most often sold in stores, and some marbled crayfish display a fair amount of blue coloration, too.

    The marbled crayfish is very unusual in that it is parthenogenic, which means self-cloning. All known specimens are females and you only need one to get babies. They produce eggs that develop into clones of the mother. The crayfish can be quite prolific, producing up to 200 eggs every week and a half! NEVER EVER RELEASE YOUR MARBLED CRAYFISH INTO THE WILD! It only takes one to develop a population that can crowd out the local species!

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