The Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society is an organization formed to bring together the aquarist community in Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark region. Our members range from new hobbyists to long time breeders, and we keep a large variety of fishes.

Come to a meeting! Learn about fish and make friends with fellow hobbyists.

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  • Featured Fish
  • Dwarf Rasbora (Boraras maculatus)

    Dwarf Rasbora

    Vital Statistics




    Origin: Malay Peninsula to Sumatra, Indonesia

    Size: 1 inch total length

    Temperament: peaceful

    Sociability: shoaler

    Breeding: scatters adhesive eggs in plants

    Sexing: males are slimmer and more colorful

    Diet: omnivorous; primarily carnivorous; accepts flakes

    Water Chemistry: pH 5.0–6 (to 7 in the aquarium); dH 5–12

    Temperature: 75–79°F


    The dwarf rasbora, also called the dwarf spotted rasbora, Boraras maculatus (formerly Rasbora maculatus), is tiny. Adults grow to only around an inch. These “nano” fish are too small to keep in a typical community. So pick tankmates that will also remain small, lest your dwarf rasboras end up as a snack for other fish.

    Overall color is a mild brick red, though fish collected from some locales are more intensely colored. These fish come from peat swamps, so keeping them in acid water with a pH below 6.0 may increase color intensity, too.

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