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Michael Gaines (sumpnfishy) is a former president of the Heart of America Aquarium Society in Kansas City. He relocated to Arkansas in June of 2007 and couldn’t stand the thought of being without an aquarium club. So he found some like-minded people to help start one here in Northwest Arkansas. He served as our club’s first president. Michael mostly keeps oddball cichlids, wild-type livebearers, and killifish. He also has served on the board of directors of the American Livebearer Association.

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Vice President:

We are looking for a volunteer to fill this position. Main duties include running the monthly meeting when the president is absent. If you would like to volunteer, contact the club president at

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Ashley Lester (ladyluck) Bio and photo coming soon.

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Will Weber (JesusSqueesus) kept fish for a couple years as a kid, and got back into the hobby about 2 years ago. He has raised and bred guppies, swordtails, and Endler's livebearers. Recently Will has started keeping peacock cichlids and discus, which he is hoping to eventually breed. At this time, Will has about 300 gallons of aquariums set up and has a koi pond planned for this spring.

Committee Chairs

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Corey Mohrhauser (sskruzr) has been a hobbyist for over 40 years, and managed the Pet Corner pet shop in Sioux City, Iowa, from 1982 to 1994. He has been an angelfish breeder off and on since 1985, even supplying clean angels to a local wholesaler back during the "angelfish AIDS" epidemic of the 1980s. Currently, Corey maintains about 800 gallons of aquariums and breeds angelfish and rams. He has repaired, or built from scratch, over 1000 aquariums.

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Breeder's Award Program (BAP):

This position is currently unfilled. If you would like to volunteer, contact the club president at Information on the Breeder Award Program can be found HERE.

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Species Maintenance Program (SMP):

We are currently looking for someone to fill this committee chair. Duties include setting up the program, picking threatened species to distribute for breeding, and distributing and tracking the fishes and their offspring. The goal is to grow the populations. If you would like to volunteer, contact the club president at Information on the Species Maintenance Program can be found HERE.

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We are seeking someone to fill this position. Duties include maintaining our club website and Facebook page. If you would like to volunteer, contact the club president at

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Clown Loach (Chromobotia macracanthus) is a workaholic, who leads up all our advertising. When not busy making public appearances on flyers, posters, and letterhead, he spends his free time posing as our forum logo.

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