Map of Local Shops

Dealers may post specials, newsletters, events, etc. Everyone may post discussions of fishes or dry goods you may have seen available at local stores.
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This section is for everyone to post specials or notes about interesting fish and items that they may have seen in a local store. It is NOT for discussing the stores' business practices or customer disputes. Please keep it friendly and related to the topic at hand. Any other content will be deleted.

Please feel free to post your new arrivals, specials, newsletters, events, and so forth. We appreciate our local dealers and want to help you grow your business. It is NWAAS' way of giving back to the stores that support our fabulous hobby.
NOTE: By "dealers" we mean aquarium-related businesses, such as aquarium stores, pet shops, breeders, and other businesses that sell aquarium livestock and/or supplies.

Map of Local Shops

Postby mewickham » Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:18 pm

I have added a map of locations of local aquarium and pet shops. It can be reached by clicking the "Map of Local Shops" link in the left-hand "Menu" block on the portal page, or in the "Links" block, also on the portal page. You can go directly there by clicking HERE.

Once viewing the map, clicking on the location pops up a street address and other pertinent information. You can also get driving directions or save the map to "My Maps," if you have a Google account. If anyone believes a store should be added, drop me a note.
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