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Fish and Friends
There’s only one thing better than keeping fish and that’s making friends that share your interest. The Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society (NWAAS) was formed to bring together the aquarist community of Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark region. If you’d like to learn more about fish and meet people who share your interest in the aquarium hobby, you have found the right group!

Fun Activities
We meet in person every single month to talk about fish and the aquarium hobby. Most meetings have a qualified speaker offering a fascinating presentation. We serve refreshments—worth the cost of dues alone—and offer door prizes and giveaways. A mini auction of fish, plants, and supplies bring most meetings to a close. Many auction items are unavailable in stores. You can find some real deals and rare fish! Click HERE for meeting location, time, directions, and to learn what a typical meeting is like.


But that's not all you will get with society membership. Besides meeting a fun and lively group of fellow fish geeks, you will find a very active club. Our semi-annual major auctions are special crowd pleasers. Everyone in the community can participate to buy or sell fish, plants, aquariums, and aquarium supplies. Snap up some super bargains! Make money selling your excess fish, plants, and equipment!


Several times a year we make group excursions. Past examples include native fish collecting trips, “shop hops” to aquarium stores in Springfield and Kansas City, and a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We also attend auctions, swap meets, and special events hosted by other aquarium societies in the region.

Native Fish Collecting

Join the Club!
Everyone is welcome to join NWAAS! We have members of all ages and all experience levels—from beginners setting up their first tanks, to expert hobbyists who have been keeping fish for decades. We have members who are, or have been, breeders, aquarium store managers or owners, and we even have a member who writes a monthly column for Aquarium Fish International magazine. So come have some fun! Come learn more about fish! And come let us get to know you.

Shop Hops

Meeting Time and Location
NWAAS meets the second Saturday of every month, in the Community Room at the Rogers Police Station, at the corner of Dixieland and New Hope Roads in Rogers, Arkansas. Come at 6:30 pm to meet and chat with other hobbyists. The program and meeting begin at 7:00 pm.

Check Out Our Website
Besides meeting in person each month, we have a cool website where we can talk about fish every single day! (And where we talk about club business, too.) There is a chat room for real-time fish talk with other forum members. The NWAAS site also has a gallery for sharing fishy photos, a map of locations of local shops, and more! Check it out at http://nwaas.com.

Annual Dues and Membership Details
There is no charge to attend NWAAS meetings and events, or to use the club website, but we hope that you will join the club to help defray our expenses. Membership is very cheap! We especially use this money to pay travel expenses to bring in our awesome, outside guest speakers with their interesting programs. We also have to pay to publicize our events and maintain this website.

Please click HERE to see the current dues schedule.

Won’t you join the Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society?

Help us promote our club by printing the "About NWAAS" flyer below and distributing it to your fishkeeping friends!

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