Auction Seller Registration Form with Bag/Item Labels

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Auction Seller Registration Form with Bag/Item Labels

Postby mewickham » Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:23 pm

Attached (at bottom of this message) is the Auction Seller Registration and Labels form. It allows you to register to sell fish and aquarium-related items at our auction, and it prints the ID labels for the items you want to sell.

Everyone is welcome to buy or sell fish, aquatic plants, invertebrates, aquariums, or aquarium-related supplies at the NWAAS auction.
You need not be a club or forum member to participate! The auction offers a great chance for you to pick up some real bargains, including rare and home-bred species not normally sold in stores. It is an ideal opportunity for you to unload unneeded fish and supplies of your own!

Sellers, help speed things up on auction day by downloading and filling out this form on your computer before arrival. It is a PDF fill-in form. You can save time, and make the form more legible, by filling it in on your computer. Just type the information into the fields. You only have to type the data once. For example, when you enter your Seller ID at the top, it will also automatically appear on each bag label.* When you enter your list of items for sale, the form will also populate identification labels that you will print out and attach to the fish bags and dry goods you want to sell. Just save and print. (You can also print the form and fill it in and write your item labels by hand-- but it will make lots more work for you!)

*Your seller ID is usually your three initials. (Example: John Jacob Jingleheimer = JJJ) You can get your seller ID at the registration desk of the auction BUT it is better to get it beforehand. Get your Seller ID in advance from the auction chairman: There is also usually a message thread elsewhere in the forum (in Events) where people can request a specific ID of their choice. Getting your ID in advance helps in using the computer to print complete forms and labels, and guarantees that someone else hasn't already taken that ID-- requiring you to edit your forms and labels to a new one!

1. Bring the the first two pages to us at the auction sign-in desk. Please also e-mail a copy of your filled-in form to This will speed things up by allowing us to pre-enter the data into the computer. We very much hope that you take this extra step! There is a button on the form that makes it easy to send the form.

2. The final two pages will print your item labels. These labels describe each item and identify the seller. An item cannot be auctioned without them. The best way to print the labels is on standard 2-across, 20 labels per page, 1" × 4", address label stock (available at any office supply store). You can also print these labels to plain paper, cut them out yourself, and then tape them onto fish bags, etc. You may want to test to see how waterproof your printer ink is, and tape over the whole label if it is not waterproof, to prevent smudging.

Tip: Before printing, be sure to turn off “page scaling,” “shrink to fit,” or other options in your printer settings, or the printed labels may not line up correctly. Instead, print at "actual size" or "100%." Also turn off “duplex,” or “double-sided” printing, or the two label pages will want to print on the back of each other, instead of on separate sheets.

3. You are responsible for the correctness of your form and labels. Check your address and phone number. Remember: A Seller ID, address, and telephone number must appear on the form or you will not be paid!

4. For complete auction rules and further help, please visit the "Events" forums on or send e-mail to

The auction is a fantastic chance to pick up some bargains and to unload items you no longer need. All are welcome to buy or sell!

Auction Schedule
9:00 AM - Seller Registration Begins
11:00 AM - Buyer Registration and Previewing Begins
12:00 Noon - Auction Begins

The file below is viewable, and may be filled in, using the free Adobe Reader program. If you don't already have it, get the latest free version of Adobe Reader HERE.

File updated 10/22/2013 1:40 PM
NWAAS Seller Registration Form.pdf
NWAAS Auction Seller's Registration Form and Labels
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Re: Seller Registration Form with Bag/Item Labels

Postby ApistoGrandma » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:33 pm

Hey sorry to bother you I'm filling out my form for the auction(and i'll email it to ya before) but i wanted to make sure i didn't mess anything up, theres a $0 in the bids box, should i leave this box empty?

also there is one item i'd like to put a reserve that do able?

sorry i'm a dingbat, do i leave the item number empty and put what ever it is in the description.
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Re: Seller Registration Form with Bag/Item Labels

Postby mewickham » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:50 pm

You can ignore the grayed-out "TOTAL BIDS" and "Final Bid" fields. The Final Bid fields are there for sellers that want to fill them in after their items sell. Once you fill them in, the TOTAL BIDS field will automatically change from $0 and add up all "Final Bids" to give you a total of how much stuff you sold (though 30% will go to the club).

If you want to set a reserve (minimum bid), just type in "MIN BID: $n" (where n=number of dollars) somewhere in the 2-line description for the item and it will print on the bag label.

You can find all auction rules here: Auction Rules
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