Bylaws ARTICLE V - Officers

Constitution and Bylaws of the Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society

Bylaws ARTICLE V - Officers

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ARTICLE V - Officers

Section 1 - PRESIDENT - shall preside at all regular and special meetings, and at the Board of Director’s meetings; appoint special committees and their chairpersons whenever necessary; be a member of all committees. Shall not make or second a motion while in the Chair. Shall perform all duties incident to the Office.

Section 2 - VICE PRESIDENT - shall assist the President and assume his/her duties in the event of his/her absence or disability. Shall coordinate the work of the Auction Committee.

Section 3 - SECRETARY - shall keep a record of the minutes of all Society meetings (General, Board of Directors, and Special). Shall publish new copies of the Bylaws as dictated by revisions, and distribute them to members. Shall keep an accurate record of the names and addresses of all members. Shall keep records and history of NWAAS.

Section 4 - TREASURER - shall collect and have custody of all dues, funds and securities belonging to the Society; and keep accurate records thereof. Deposit monies to the credit of the Society in a bank approved by the Board of Directors; make disbursements by check; give receipts of monies coming into his/her hands; make a detailed financial report of all receipts and disbursements at each General and Board of Directors’ meetings. Be a member of both the Finance and Auction Committees (but cannot serve as Chairperson of either). Be responsible for and accomplish the filing of any required Federal and/or State tax forms. Present his/her books for audit at the end of the term year; the audited report shall be presented during the General Meeting following the receipt of the auditor’s report. Perform all duties incident to the Office.

At the end of each fiscal year, after all expenses have been paid, the Treasurer shall submit a budget for the new fiscal year to the Board of Directors for approval (but no later than the February Board of Directors meeting). The budget shall include a review of the previous year’s actual income and expenses as well as projected income, expenses, reserves, and capital expenses for the current year.
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