When you least expect it...

Egglayers keep out!

When you least expect it...

Postby dennysfishroom » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:38 pm

I bought 2 pairs of Chap. encaustus (Goodied) at the ALA last spring. The guy bagged the 2 males together and the 2 females together. I ended up losing both males by the time I got home. Had never seen these fish before, or since, and haven't seen any auctions on AquaBid. I was in Columbia, MO this weekend for my granddaughters wedding, and after the reception thought I'd visit the LFS (isn't that what everyone wearing a suit and flower in the lapel would do?). Jeremy (Peanut) was working there, and I saw what I thought might be 3 females of the encaustus in one of their tanks. Jeremy looked at them and thought it might be a trio, so I got them. He had also got his at the ALA, but at the auction, not from someone selling out of their room. Don't know if they are related or unrelated. Now I have to introduce them to my 2 females, and hope that I'll end up with a breeding colony. Denny
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Re: When you least expect it...

Postby snakeskinner » Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:28 pm

very nice. I've never seen them at all, anywhere. you got extremely lucky in my opinion. I learned a long time ago to never put more than one adult goodeid in a bag because that's all you'll end up with in the end. you really have to be careful with juveniles depending on the species. hoping you are successful, Kyle
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