My Gold Sapphire Ram Strain.... babies for sale soon.

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My Gold Sapphire Ram Strain.... babies for sale soon.

Postby Bilbo » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:24 am

Hey guys! It's been a while since i have been back here with you fine people but i have been very busy with my ram projects! For those of you who read my introductory in my first thread you know that i have had some ruff times getting back into the hobby that i love which is Ram breeding. Well, currently things are going better than i had hoped and my projects are really taking off. I have about 150 baby rams that are about a month old, and about 150 more babies that are 2nd day free swimming. I also just while ago pulled another clutch of eggs of about 300 and as i continue typing there is another clutch of eggs being laid right now as well. This clutch looks like there is about 300 or so in it as well. These eggs and babies are all from 2-3 pairs. These are all Gold Sapphire babies and i am working on isolating more of the blue traits within these fish. If things continue to go as they are i should have over 1000 sustained fry by the end of next week.
I recently got in some electric blues, and German Blues that i hope to be spawning soon; but to be honest these are simply strains i brought in mostly because i know other people will want Germans and Electrics at some point. However my favorite strain is the Gold Sapphires as they have the best coloring in my opinion.
I am giving a link to my photo bucket which shows just a few of my rams. There is a few shots of one or two of my breeder Gold Sapphires but keep in mind that these breeders are not showing all the Sapphire traits as many of their young are. These babies that i got from these breeders are showing phenomenal color already and they are only at half inch size atm.
These babies will be for sale in about 2 months and they will be a lovely addition to any planted tank, or community peace loving cichlid tank. I am very excited about my breeding adventures and i owe every bit of my success to God who has allowed me to figure out certain "tricks of the trade", without which are very hard to breed rams.
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Re: My Gold Sapphire Ram Strain.... babies for sale soon.

Postby fastbak » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:11 pm

Hello Bilbo will you have any of your Rams at the Auction tomorrow? Sorry so late on this I just found this site. The reason I ask is, Im in Springfield Mo. and planning to make the trip down and would love to see them... Thanks
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