Bylaws ARTICLE VI - Functional Committees

Constitution and Bylaws of the Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society

Bylaws ARTICLE VI - Functional Committees

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ARTICLE VI - Functional Committees

Section 1 - PUBLIC RELATIONS - shall have the responsibility for the planning, development and implementation of a public relations and advertising program of high quality, appointing and number of members. The Chairperson directs a program consistent with the mission of the Society in relating to all public and commercial levels; coordinates with all Functional committees; provides guidance and assistance in accomplishing their goals. Acts as a public information source with the press and other media, attends to other matters of publicity; develops and directs an advertising program, coordination with Publications Committee Chairperson.

Section 2 - PROGRAM COMMITTEE - shall consist of two or more members appointed by the Chairperson. Plan, develop, coordinate, and administer the program at all meetings.

Section 3 - FINANCE and AUCTION COMMITTEE - shall consist of two or more members. Plan and oversee any fund raising activities, i.e. auctions. Provide ways and means of raising money that the Society needs to carry on its work; cause an annual audit of the Treasurer’s financial records.

Section 4 - MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE - shall consist of two or more members appointed by the Chairperson. Conduct a continual membership drive; act as host/hostess at the monthly general meetings, being responsible for introducing guests who may be prospective members. Shall be responsible for the distribution of all membership materials; and publish an annual membership roster no later than April 1st of each year.

Section 5 - COMPETITION COMMITTEE - may consist of any number of members appointed by the Chairperson. Shall oversee all areas of competition. These include but are not limited to: grow out contests, bowl shows, and breeder’s award programs.

Section 6 - PUBLICATIONS - under the direction of the Chairperson, whose title shall be Editor, develops an official publication of high quality for the dissemination of technical information to Society members, supervising a staff of any number of members. Directs and is responsible for the preparation, printing, assembly, and distribution of the NWAAS newsletter, published monthly. On a continuing basis is responsible for the development and maintenance of an editorial policy consistent with the overall responsibility of the Board of Directors. Upon request, accomplishes the printing and distribution of any material necessary for the various programs of the Society. Acts as official photographer for the Society, especially with regard to the preparation of printed material.

Section 7 - MEMBER RELATIONS COMMITTEE- shall be focused on the recognition of important events in the lives of the Societies' members. This may include, but shall not be limited to: graduations, births, birthdays, deaths, or weddings (flowers, cards, etc.).

Section 8: WEB SITE COMMITTEE - under the direction of the Chairperson, whose title shall be Webmaster, shall be responsible for the design, operation, and maintenance of the Society Web site and Forum, and for the maintenance of the Society domain and e-mail accounts.
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