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Membership Benefits

Our website is free for all to use, but the Northwest Arkansas Aquarium Society is a REAL, in-person aquarium society with so much more to offer. So we hope that you'll actually join the club, too!

NOTE: PAYING DUES IS THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME AN ACTUAL MEMBER OF THE CLUB, with voter rights, access to member discounts, etc. Registering for a user account on our website forum only makes you a FORUM member. It is not the same thing.

NWAAS members meet in person every single month to talk about fish and aquariums. Most meetings have a qualified speaker offering a fascinating presentation. We serve refreshments—worth the cost of dues alone—and sometimes offer door prizes and giveaways. We close out most meetings with a mini auction of various fish, plants, and supplies—many unavailable in stores. You can get some real deals!

But that's not all you will get with society membership. Besides meeting a fun and lively group of fellow fish geeks, you will find a very active club. Occasionally, we make group excursions. Past examples include native fish collecting trips, visits to aquarium stores in Springfield and Kansas City, a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium, and a visit to a large, commercial tropical fish hatchery. We also attend auctions, swap meets, and other special events hosted by regional aquarium societies in Missouri and Oklahoma. And we're working up ideas for more adventures. Twice a year, we have a gigantic auction of fish, plants, and supplies. You can not only find some fantastic bargains to buy, but you can also sell your own excess livestock and equipment to make a few bucks. Maybe you have an idea to help our club have even more fun.

Everyone is welcome to join! We have members of all ages and all experience levels—from beginners setting up their first tanks, to expert hobbyists who have been keeping fish for decades. We have members who are, or have been, breeders, aquarium store managers or owners, and we even have a member who wrote for Aquarium Fish International magazine for 20 years, and has written several books. So come have some fun! Come learn more about fish! And come let us get to know you. Admission is always free. But we hope you will become a dues paying member to help us cover expenses.

Photos of previous NWAAS events

Mike Wickham Cool Critters Talk


Native Fish Collecting

Native Fish Collecting



Pet Store Visits

Shop Hop

Membership Details

Individual Membership includes voting rights.

Family Membership includes a person, and/or spouse, and unmarried children (age 18 or under) living in the same household. It includes voting rights for each person who has attained 12 years of age.

Junior Membership is for any person under 18 years of age who is not connected with a Family Membership. It includes voting rights for members 12 years or older.

Corresponding Memberships are for individuals or families living more than 45 miles from the metro area extending from Fayetteville to Rogers, Arkansas. This is a non-voting membership.

Annual dues are payable on or before January 1st. Applications for new membership received thereafter shall be pro-rated as follows:

• January through June: full membership fee
• July through September: half membership fee
• October through December: one-quarter membership fee plus one full membership fee for the following calendar year.

Acceptance of application is subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Any membership sixty (60) days past due shall be terminated.

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