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Celestial Danios/Rasbora (?)

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Celestial Danios/Rasbora (?)

Post by dennysfishroom »

I had gotten 6 Celestial Danios/Rasbora from Corey several months ago. I put them in a container with a light on it, and pretty much forgot about them other than feeding. About 10 days or 2 weeks ago I decided I should probably try to spawn them if I was going to. Unfortunately the container looked like thick pea soup. I blindly tried to net them into the spawning tank, but could only find 3 of them. I left them in the breeding tank for over 10 days without seeing any fry, so I removed the parents and again sort of forgot about the breeding container. I was down the basement feeding one of my other tanks today when I noticed movement in the breeding tank. It looks like I've got several fry, so I've been feeding them microworms. I'll be holding my breath until they are big enough to see for sure what they are. Denny
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Re: Celestial Danios/Rasbora (?)

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