Auction Rules

For discussion of upcoming events in NWA and beyond. Auction rules and registration forms can also be found here.
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Auction Rules

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General Rules
  • You do not have to be a member of the society to participate in our auctions! Anyone can buy! Anyone can sell!
    Find first-time buyer/seller tips HERE.
  • All items offered for sale must be aquarium hobby related (fish, plants, aquariums, supplies, fish art, etc.).
  • For members, auction split will be 80/20 with 80% going to seller and 20% going to NWAAS. For nonmembers, auction split will be 70/30 with 70% going to seller and 30% going to NWAAS. This is how we earn money to bring in speakers for the monthly meetings.
  • Seller check-in starts at 9:00am and ends at noon. Buyer registration and viewing starts at 11:00am. Auction starts at 12:00 noon.
    Find Buyer Registration Form HERE.
    Find Seller Registration Form HERE.
  • All items should be registered for sale and placed on the auction tables no later than 30 minutes prior to start time to allow the buyers time to inspect the lots available for sale. Items arriving after auction start time will be auctioned last after all other items are sold or at the auction chairman’s discretion.
  • All equipment must be clean and in working order unless noted. Cracked, broken tanks, and leakers must be marked as such.
  • All livestock must be clearly identified with common and/or scientific name, and number of fish in bag, and sellers assigned ID. If possible, note if fish are identified as pair (M/F), Breeding pair (M/F that have spawned) or sex, if known.
  • No fish or animals native to Arkansas/Missouri/Oklahoma nor sick or deformed fish may be sold through the auction. Livestock must be healthy. No fish visibly diseased will be sold in the auction.
  • Please no zip-lock bags or sandwich bags for fish, but for plants are okay. The club reserves the right to rebag zip-lock bags into proper fish bags for $1 per bag.
  • Fish must be bagged properly, 1/3 water and 2/3 air— unless it is a Kordon Breathing Bag (not for species that must get air from above surface, such as some snails, bettas, gouramies, lungfish, etc.). Then no air is needed. Find full instructions for correctly bagging fish, invertebrates, and plants HERE.
  • Maximum duplicate lots: 5. For example, you may submit no more than 5 lots (bags) of mystery snails or 5 lots (bags) of hornwort. However, different varieties may count separately. So five bags of red tuxedo guppies and five bags of blue metal guppies is okay. If you have enough of an item to fill more than five bags, either put more per bag (if there is safely room), combine multiple bags into a single lot, or leave some at home. When there are too many identical items, it lowers prices and creates more work for the auctioneer. If you bring more than 5 identical lots, you may either take home the excess or donate them to the club.
  • Bids will be accepted in dollar increments only. Auctioneer decides on starting bid.
  • You may set a minimum bid on your items. Minimum bids need to be clearly marked on bags and auction form.
  • Express Bids: In a hurry? For a nominal fee of $2.00 you may move an item up to be auctioned immediately. Please take the bag to the sales table, along with $2, and they will set it up.
  • All purchases become the responsibility of the buyer when sold.
  • No felt tipped markers should be used on bags, it runs easily.
  • If your item does not sell, you may reclaim it and take it home. All unsold and unclaimed bags/items left over after the conclusion of the auction become the property of NWAAS and may be disposed of as we see fit.
  • Any rules challenge decisions by the chair are final. The auction chairman or his designate reserves the right to reject any item from the auction.
  • NWAAS, or the auction location site, will not and cannot be held liable for injuries, or lost or stolen items while on these premises.
    Find auction location HERE.
  • All items are auctioned "as is" and have no guarantee.

Buyer Payments
  • Buyers must pay before leaving building.
  • We accept CASH and checks with proper ID.
  • A $25.00 fee will be charged for any non sufficient funds or returned checks. Refusal to pay check and fee will result in prosecution.

Seller Payments
  • Payouts to the seller will be mailed no later than 30 days following the auction (usually much faster).

Auction Schedule
10:00 AM - Seller Registration Begins
11:00 AM - Buyer Registration and Previewing Begins
12:00 Noon - Auction Begins
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