Tips for First-time Auction Bidders & Buyers

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Tips for First-time Auction Bidders & Buyers

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Buyers should arrive somewhere between 11 am and noon. Viewing starts at 11, but sellers can register up to noon. The auction will start promptly at noon.

When you arrive, you need to register at the registration table. You will be asked to fill out a Buyer Registration Form. (Save time by clicking the link and filling it out ahead of time.) This form will be used to log all your purchases. Once you've filled out the form, return it to the registration table and receive your bid card. This is what you'll use to place your bids.

Once the auction starts, bids will only be taken in dollar increments. Bids will be taken on "bags" of fish, not individual fish in a bag.

When you win your item, you will be asked to sign a "bidder slip." You will receive a copy and the runner will take the copy to the registration table where they will be logged on your buyer's sheet. These "bidder slips" will have the bag ID, seller's name, winning bid amount, and description on it. Please keep these. You will receive your item/fish and it is your responsibility.

When you are ready to depart, you will go to the registration table to settle up. Your total will be an accumulation of your signed bidder slips on your buyer sheet. We will accept CASH or checks. We cannot accept credit or debit cards.

If you have questions, please post here or send me a private message.

If someone thinks I have missed something, let me know and I'll edit the thread.

Auction Schedule
9:00 AM - Seller Registration Begins
11:00 AM - Buyer Registration and Previewing Begins
12:00 Noon - Auction Begins
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