HAAS Fall Auction

For discussion of upcoming events in NWA and beyond. Auction rules and registration forms can also be found here.
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HAAS Fall Auction

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I know NWAAS has elections next Saturday. But if anyone gets a wild hair and want to attend a HAAS event, we would love to have you. We are using a new system to track our auctions. You can view most items at www.mygroupauctions.com. This is new, so it'll be a little crazy. If you are coming up, I would encourage you to subscribe to the site and register. If you are selling, it is required that you sign up ahead of time. If you are a buyer it is optional but it will save you time if you get registered early. Plus, you can view what folks are bringing! If you have questions email auction@kcfishclub.org. Feel free to visit our website if you want to read about more details regarding the auction.
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Re: HAAS Fall Auction

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I am there and have started logging my items for sale.
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