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2023 NWAAS Election Results

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2023 NWAAS Election Results

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Elections for 2023 were held at the February 11th meeting. Thank you to those who ran for office or to chair committees! Here are the results:

  • President: Mike Wickham
  • Vice President: Chris Baranyk
  • Secretary: Danielle (Dani) M. Bagby
  • Treasurer: Corey Mohrhauser
Committee Chairs
  • Member Relations Committee: Jenni Tooley
  • Species Maintenance Program Committee: Jenni Tooley
  • Auction Committee: Corey Mohrhauser
  • Website Committee: Mike Wickham
A big thank-you to those who stepped up to serve!

We're still looking for volunteers to chair or serve on various committees:
  • Auction Committee
  • Breeder Award Program Committee
  • Horticultural Award Committee
  • Species Maintenance Program Committee
  • Publicity Committee
If you think you might be interested in volunteering, please drop us a note here.
Mike Wickham
NWAAS President